Neighborhood groups push for 100 percent affordable housing at Excelsior site

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Published by Laura Waxmann, San Francisco Examiner on August 8, 2019

A proposed 193-unit market-rate housing development in the Excelsior District is facing opposition from community groups calling for more affordability in a neighborhood where residents are increasingly grappling with rent pressures.

Jessie Fernandez, program manager of CUHJ, said the groups are not opposed to housing construction at the site, but are calling for any development there to be 100 percent affordable to the local community.

Fernandez said that a major concern for CUHJ is that the development planned for 65 Ocean Ave. will operate similarly to the recently constructed Cheshill Project located several blocks away, at 33 Seneca Ave.

That project rents “1,300 square foot apartments at a monthly rent of $5,550,” CUHJ said in its statement.

In order to afford these units, “a renter must earn $199,800 per year, however the median household income in the Excelsior is $68,550 per year,” according to CUHJ.

Fernandez said that a petition opposing the development has been signed by over 700 people.

“The developers will eventually come before the Planning Commission and we want to make sure that we are making clear the opposition that the neighborhood has for this particular development,” he said.

Fernandez added that the groups are hoping that the developers will come to the table with the community to re-envision the project.

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