Lot in San Francisco could become new parking site for people living in vehicles

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Published by Kumasi Aaron, ABC7 News on July 15, 2019

Housing is a big issue where we focus our efforts to build a better Bay Area. San Francisco's homeless population is the highest in the bay area, and it's been rising.

Now, there's a new idea in San Francisco aimed at giving people who don't have a home, who sleep in their cars, a safe place to park.

The lot would be next to the Balboa Park BART station on Geneva Avenue and have enough space for 33 vehicles. There are already plans to build 138 affordable housing units here.

But construction doesn't start until the fall of 2020. So in the meantime, the vision is for this to be a safe place for people living in their vehicles to park and get services too.

"It will have 24-hour security," says Safai. "We will have bathrooms. It will have on-site services and the idea is why we're calling it a triage, is to get folks out of their vehicles and into more prominent housing situations."

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Theresa Imperial