For 10 years, San Francisco has lost one home for every two built. It’s time to overhaul our outdated housing demolition laws.


Published by Aaron Peskin, Medium on June 12, 2019

In total, over 4,200 affordable and rent controlled homes have been taken off the market over the past 10 years. While this is a troubling number on its own — particularly in terms of the adverse effect on San Francisco’s most vulnerable and economically diverse communities — that number doesn’t even include the yet unquantified loss of housing that is neither rent controlled nor deed-restricted Below Market Rate housing, or the impact on overall housing affordability of single family monster home expansions.

For the past year and a half, my office has met with tenant, neighborhood, housing and development advocates in developing the Protect & Preserve Act (Board File No. 181216) with a core principle in mind: the most direct way to protect tenants from eviction and displacement is to protect the housing they live in. The proposed law would also place reasonable limitations on the expansions of single family monster homes, while providing flexibility to expand even further for the sake of developing multi-unit buildings.

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Theresa Imperial